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Things to do in and around Jongensfontein

Fast Facts

  • Jongensfontein derives its name from a natural spring. The earliest mention of Jongensfontein is a land deed from 1762. The formal development of Jongensfontein as a town, was granted in 1968. The town has since increased in popularity, due to it’s amazing beaches, sea life, oceanic views, fishing and surfing opportunities, as well as the ever-popular whale watching season (July-November).
  • Jongensfontein has about 355 permanent residents.
  • There are two grocery stores and one restaurant in town. (Stilbaai, a mere 10km’s drive, hosts an array of restaurants, gift shops, convenience stores etc.)
  • The weather is ideal for holiday making, with moderate temperatures and beautiful, sunny days – even during winter. Jongensfontein has a moderate climate and fresh, unpolluted air. The area receives rain almost equally in all four seasons, with peaks during autumn and spring. Temperatures fluctuate between 20°C-28ºC on average in summer and between 12ºC-20 ºC on average in winter. Rainfall averages around 639.2mm per annum.
  • Jongensfontein and surrounds lend itself to endless opportunities for nature lovers.
  • A visit to the Blombos Nature Reserve and Blombos Cave, a provincial heritage site, is any historian’s dream. The cave contains Middle Stone Age deposits, (700,000-10,000 years before the present), as well as Late Stone Age sequences (2000-3000 years before). Ongoing excavations have revealed much of what we currently know about early human settlements.
  • There are interesting, ancient fish traps, scattered across the coastline. Early cave dwellers used these fish traps for fishing purposes and they are still visible during low tide.
  • Jongensfontein has a natural tidal pool that fills up during high tide.
  • Sports enthusiasts can enjoy a game of tennis, or a round of golf at the local club.
  • Jongensfontein has a walking trail all along the beachfront, with benches situated strategically at lookout points along the coastline – the perfect way to start or end your day.

Please Note:

All restaurants in Stilbaai and Jongensfontein that open on a Sunday, will close no later than 13h30 on a Sunday.

Please plan accordingly.


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